One of the directions in which modern day technology develops is artificial intelligence systems, or in short  — the AI. The AI represents a system where computers and machines use advanced algorithms to process the input of various data and make decisions similar to that of the humans. AI systems are used in deep learning, facial and speech recognition, and problem-solving. Their use has become ubiquitous, and it is only natural to consider the extent of such advancement and what sort of impact it may have on our society.

The killer robots

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of artificial intelligence is humanoid killer robots. Although this scenario is still far from being possible, scientists have just managed to train robots to complete basic movements and tasks. This may sound a little too far-fetched, however, the danger is still real.

We have all watched movies such as ‘‘Terminator’’ and ‘‘A Space Odyssey’’, which deal with pending doom and collapse of all humans with the rise of intelligent robots and machines aiming at conquering the world. With that being said, it makes you wonder what will happen when someone decides to strap a machine gun to a robot able to make judgements on its own.

Surpassing human intelligence

With enough input and data processing, machines that use deep learning systems can, in theory, surpass the human intelligence. Computers would learn more quickly and with greater precision and would thus make humans redundant in respects to specific jobs that are not only related to manual labour or manufacturing but also to governing and interpersonal relations. With the development of general intelligence of the machines, there is no way of telling how those algorithms would function and how we could even control them.

Artificial Intelligence in the Network

It is also worth considering how the AI can be exploited over the Internet. It is great having a virtual assistant that can search the web for you or complete some menial tasks, but what happens with some more complex tasks?  What If specific computer programs get implemented into the world wide web with a job of, let’s say, collecting data from internet users; who can stop them from stealing your data and manipulating with the news, solely to achieve their sinister goals..? This opens the door to more ulterior motives and could prove devastating.

The control of the network can be demonstrated with the example of aircraft routers and autopilot systems that are already powered by artificial intelligence systems. That means that AI programs already control airplanes and consequently lives of all aboard those planes, so general safety is always a concern.