Technological development has helped people live with more ease in terms of working remotely, shopping online or visiting sites like With its expansion, new job opportunities and positions have appeared and if people are asked what the best industry to work in today is, the answer in the majority of cases would be the IT industry. This is a booming field, so it’s easy to find a job and the average salary is pretty high as well. However, is it all perfect in the Silicon Valley? Certainly not.

The IT industry is regarded as one of the most stressful industries today. The volatility is high, the deadlines are tight, and the workload is huge. So, should you pursue a career in the IT business? Let’s analyze these sources of stress more closely, so you can make an educated decision by the end of the article.

High Risk Factor

Making a mistake when working in IT is easy and can have far-reaching consequences. For example, if you’re working as a programmer, writing code most of your time, one wrong line of code could render all of your work useless. If you finish writing a huge number of lines of code and you realize you messed up somewhere, you need to scan the code line by line to try and find the mistake. Having to deal with it on a regular basis and having to think of that possibility all the time, can be a big source of stress.

Short Deadlines

The IT industry has built its success around being fast and competitive. In order to make it in the Silicon Valley, you need to be able to meet the deadlines and oftentimes even exceed them. This is very difficult since the deadlines are usually very short and managers often have no understanding for slacking. If you decide to work in IT, you need to be ready to work overtime and sometimes even weekends.

Shortage of Manpower

This is another big reason why the IT industry is nerve-racking. It is a very young field, so there is a shortage of experts everywhere. This means that those who get the job need to deal with a bigger workload. However, a positive aspect of this is that the demand for workers is driving the salary up, so IT jobs are very attractive today.

Never-ending Learning Process

If you work in IT, you never stop learning. Computer technologies, both hardware and software, are constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. If you want to be good at your job and remain relevant to the industry, you need to keep learning about these advancements and stay up to date with all the changes. This can be very time-consuming and energy-consuming, which means additional stress for all the tech experts.