Leading Companies in Artificial Intelligence That Could Possibly Change the World As We Know It

From the very beginnings of artificial intelligence in 1955, there have been many significant developments and breakthroughs in this fantastic field of robotics. Nowadays, AI has become an essential part of our lives because of the magnitude of its influence on our work and the quality of our lives. Although there is still much room […]

A Simple Introduction to How the Internet Works

It is very hard, if not impossible, to imagine the world today without the Internet. Even though this is a fairly new technology, it didn’t take long before it permeated every aspect of our lives. We access the internet on our personal computers and smartphones, but on our fridges and other house appliances as well. […]

What is artificial intelligence and how does it function?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting fields in robotics and an area that has caused much controversy. AI is particularly interesting because machines powered by AI are designed to adjust to new inputs and commands in order to perform human tasks more efficiently. From autopilots to chess-playing computers and online casinos with […]

Will the IT Industry Become Automated?

There is not one single aspect in our lives that technology, especially artificial intelligence, will not influence. One that people most fear for are their jobs. We can see that more and more jobs are being automated right now, even some that were believed would never meet that destiny. So far, we’ve seen production lines […]

Can artificial intelligence replace humans and their jobs?

Ever since the “second machine age” began and the digital technology evolved vastly, there has been an ongoing debate on whether the machines could possibly replace humans. Although AI performs some tasks more efficiently, it is highly unlikely that there will be a complete “robot uprising”. While AI development undoubtedly led to massive changes through […]

The role of the internet in education

Humans have always used tools to help them with their everyday life. We went from sticks and stones to tools as sophisticated as computers. Computers required knowledge on how to operate them and use their functions to its full potential. More so, they weren’t an actual educational tool, that is, until the internet changed that. […]

The different stages of knowledge management

Knowledge management includes techniques and tools required to gather, integrate and disseminate knowledge. There are several different models when it comes to knowledge management which can be analyzed in two different areas. The first area refers to it being a restricted subject to the IT scope while the second considers organizational development and emphasizes structure […]

How the Internet Has Impacted Our Lives

As science and technology evolve and change, our everyday habits change alongside. Every significant technological improvement in the past has affected our lives, but the Internet has probably done so the most. Most of us practically cannot imagine our lives without it and rely on it throughout our day, to make our lives easier. The […]

4 Main Stress Sources of Working in the IT Industry

If you asked most Millennials what the best industry to work in today is, the answer in the majority of cases would be the IT industry. This is a booming field, so it’s easy to find a job and the average salary is pretty high as well. However, is it all perfect in the Silicon […]