The different stages of knowledge management

Knowledge management includes techniques and tools required to gather, integrate and disseminate knowledge. There are several different models when it comes to knowledge management which can be analyzed in two different areas. The first area refers to it being a restricted subject to the IT scope while the second considers organizational development and emphasizes structure […]

4 Main Stress Sources of Working in the IT Industry

Technological development has helped people live with more ease in terms of working remotely, shopping online or visiting sites like With its expansion, new job opportunities and positions have appeared and if people are asked what the best industry to work in today is, the answer in the majority of cases would be the IT industry. […]

Does Artificial Intelligence pose any threat to your job?

The inevitable technological progress brings about specific changes to how we spend our free time – for example, poker lovers can now play poker online with great bonus codes such as Pokerstars Bonus Code without leaving their house, and movie lovers can have a perfect movie night at home with all of the streaming services […]

Best universities for studying information technology

Information technology is highly popular today, and the need for the IT sector is on the rise. The study of IT covers a wide range of subjects related to technology like information technology, web design, computer science, and so on. Students can get various degrees in business IT, data engineering, information systems, and much more. […]

Artificial Intelligence — the origins and development

The idea behind the artificial intelligence systems is not new and has dominated much of the second half of the 20th century and threatens to dominate the entire 21st century. Many scientists have made strides in their research which is structured around optimisation of AI and its application in our everyday lives. Even though real […]

How the Future of Information Technology Will Change the World as We Know it

If you are looking for an industry which is fluid, full of challenges and ever-evolving and changing, then the IT industry is the right one for you. There is worldwide activity and innovation in the field, so there is something new and exciting going on at all times. However, this makes the IT industry difficult […]