Knowledge Management: What is it And Why is it Important?

First of all, it is important that we know what knowledge management is. To simplify the definition as much as possible, we would say that it presents a process of manipulating information and knowledge inside of an organisation. The ultimate goal is to increase efficiency, productivity, and make customers happier. The term was mentioned a […]

The different stages of knowledge management

Knowledge management includes techniques and tools required to gather, integrate and disseminate knowledge. There are several different models when it comes to knowledge management which can be analyzed in two different areas. The first area refers to it being a restricted subject to the IT scope while the second considers organizational development and emphasizes structure […]

What Exactly is GDPR and How Does it Affect You?

If you used an EvoBet Bonus at least once a week over the past couple of years, the chances are that you already heard about the GDPR.However, you’re most likely still wondering what it actually means and what it does for you as a user. It stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which was implemented in […]

What tools can knowledge management systems use?

Organizations and people need and use knowledge on a daily basis. Often, the total knowledge of a specific organization is represented by the knowledge of their employees. However, the knowledge employees need is not always available to them because they do not know where it is, how to access it, or whether it exists in […]

What can innovation do for knowledge management?

Knowledge management and innovation management have developed a close relationship. However, knowledge management and innovation established themselves as separate fields, each with its own separate area of research. Innovation is the combination and implementation of knowledge into new patterns. The knowledge itself, however, is the basis from which a good innovation is created. The new […]