If you are looking for an industry which is fluid, full of challenges and ever-evolving and changing, then the IT industry is the right one for you. There is worldwide activity and innovation in the field, so there is something new and exciting going on at all times.

However, this makes the IT industry difficult to predict and difficult to envision in the future. Where will the Information Technology be in the future and what does it hold for us and for its employees? It’s hard to tell without being at least partially wrong, but let’s try to predict some of the future trends that are most likely to happen.

Remote Work Will Increase

This is a trend that is already evident but is sure to become more prevalent in the future. We can see more and more companies today that open remote positions, since a lot of work can be done equally well at home and at the office. This practice cuts on-site costs, as companies require fewer square meters per worker, but it also gives greater possibilities when choosing the best person for the job.

Freelancing is another thing that has allowed this trend to grow. Many serious companies use Upwork and other similar platforms to find one-time, part-time, or even full-time workers anywhere in the world.

The Death of a Lone Genius Programmer

The image where one genius programmer sits in a dark room all by himself (so popular in Hollywood movies) is not relevant anymore. Big IT companies rely on well-trained teams of professionals who work together toward a single goal. This is because there are few projects in the IT industry that can be completed by only one person.

Anyone who has ever visited an IT company knows that there are very few closed offices and spaces. Instead, a large number of people share one working space, where they’re able to share ideas and help each other.

Greater Focus on User Experience

Since technology is advancing faster and faster, instead of attracting new customers, it might achieve the opposite effect. Many users might feel unable to keep up and might give up trying to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements.

Therefore, it will be more and more important to focus on user experience and keep the user interface as simple as possible. One example of a good user experience model is seen in Apple’s Mac computers. Many customers are switching from Windows to Mac for the simple reason –  it is much simpler to operate and use iOS for regular tasks.

The Blockchain Technology Boom

If you still do not know what the blockchain is, we urge you to start learning about it. It can be defined as a public database of sorts, which allows users to send data more efficiently and more securely. It is largely used today to send money and assets as there is little to no chance of fraud or forgery.

We can see this technology grow and get more uses in the near and far future. It will most certainly transform the banking industry and the healthcare system, but it is difficult to precisely predict the scope of its future development.